Eyelash Extensions

We specialize in safe and customized eyelash extensions applied one by one with precision and artistry. Our exclusive technique tailors a perfect design for each individual’s unique eye shape. We use only premium synthetic lashes that are curled to imitate a natural lash. Our eyelash extensions provide a rich-looking appearance that eliminates the need for mascara, giving you a low-maintenance beauty routine.  Transform yourself in less than 2 hours! Our extensions can last indefinitely with a 1-hour touch up session every 2-4 weeks.

Microstroke/Shading 3D Eyebrow Reconstruction

If your brows are sparse, have areas of hair missing, or have no hair at all, they can be enhanced with microstrokes and/or shading.  This service is an innovative, new method of manually utilizing a very small blade composed of many tiny needles to deposit pigment into the skin creating a hairlike stroke.  Unlike the machine tattoo method, microstroking is much safer and results in a more natural looking brow.  Together, we will map out your brow to find the most optimal shape for your face as well as choosing the best pigment to compliment your skin tone.  During your visit, you will relax for 20-30 minutes with numbing cream for ultimate comfort. Once the 45 minute  procedure begins, you may experience a “tight” or “pulling” sensation. You’ll return in 6 weeks for a complimentary follow up perfecting appointment. All permanent cosmetic procedures include a complementary consultation.

Permanent Eyeliner

Eyeliner can make you look younger, healthier, and sexier. We can give you anything from a natural and subtle lash line enhancement to a full and dramatic eyeliner tailored exactly to your specifications. This procedure is very similar to our manual eyebrow technique using the same, comfortable method. Ample anesthetic is used and the treatment is not harsh at all. We will gently stretch the skin of your eye in order to implant color, and the tools used are very ergonomic, so the procedure is fast in most cases. You’ll return in 6 weeks for a complimentary follow up perfecting appointment. All permanent cosmetic procedures include a complementary consultation

Spa Facials

Signature Spa Facial

Deluxe Spa Facial  +(LED Treatment)

Deep Cleansing Facial +(LED Treatment and Extractions)

Back Facial



All facials include but not limited to:

Full Skin Analysis and Diagnosis

One Full Hour Treatment

Double Cleansing, Exfoliation with Steam, Massage, Mask, Specialty Serums, Moisture, Sun Protection, and Eye Cream

*All products are customized to your skin needs.  Featuring Dermalogica 

Permanent Lip Color

Our lip tattoo can reduce "lipstick bleed" and give definition to the lip line.  With a permanent lip color, you can kiss your lipstick goodbye! . Most colors last three to five years, although some may not fade for as long as 10 years. Periodic touchups are recommended to maintain the desired look. You can also choose to change colors. Permanent lipstick, also called micropigmentation, involves the use of a pen containing iron oxide pigment which tattoos the skin and creates the look of makeup.

Tattoo and Permanent Cosmetic Lightening/Removal

Saline Tattoo Removal/Lightening is a specialized and all-natural solution. We use LI-FT by Li pigments, which is a compound that is implanted over your existing permanent makeup or small tattoo via a tattoo machine, permanent cosmetic pen, or hand-tool. LI-FT is a pigment lightening mixture formulated for cosmetic tattoos on the face and for areas of body art to lighten tattoos. By introducing a high concentration of salt water into the dermis where the pigment is, the process of osmosis is created.  The pigment is slowly pulled to the surface of the skin as it heals into a scab. When the scab sheds, the pigment falls off with it, leaving a removed or lightened tattoo.

Keratin Lash Infusion

A Keratin Lash Lift is a great alternative to eyelash extensions or for clients with sensitivities to give your lashes a natural looking enhancement and “lift”. First, we adhere your own natural lashes with a temporary glue to a silicon pad. Then, Blink uses a series of products that curls, sets, and conditions your lashes. It is a low maintenance solution for clients that lasts up to 8 weeks.

The appointment time runs approximately 1 hour (without tint) and 90 minutes with tint.

Scalp Density Pigmentation

Scalp micro pigmentation is a non-invasive treatment that uses micro needles to deposit pigment into the scalp.  The result creates the appearance of hair follicles which make thinning hair look fuller.  Several appointments will be needed to complete your desired density. 


Lash Extensions

Permanent Cosmetics, 

Waxing and More!

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