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What Exactly are Eyelash Extensions? 

Lash extensions are semi-permanent fibers which are applied one at a time to your natural lashes. As you might expect, the application is fairly tedious. The extensions are carefully applied using a specially formulated, semi-permanent adhesive that will not damage the natural lash. Unlike strip lashes, where the band of lashes are applied to the skin, lash extensions are attached directly to the lash hair itself. The results are more lush, dense and longer lashes.

We Offer Classic, Volume & Hybrid Extensions

Classic Eyelash Extensions are simple, beautiful and natural-looking eyelash extensions. They are applied on a 1:1 ratio, which means one extension is attached to one natural lash. Classics come in a range of thicknesses, lengths and curl to choose from. Your results will be soft and natural-looking creating an even lash line that opens up the eye. Classic extensions can be a wise first choice since they are lighter weight and a more conservative look. You can see how you like them to determine if you want to go for a little more volume with a hybrid set or a lot more with a volume set.


Volume Eyelash Extensions vary from a natural look which adds some length and volume, to a very dramatic and full look. These extensions are handmade “fans” that are attached to a single natural lash. They can range from 3 to 10 dimensional as well as various lengths. Your lash artist will discuss which options would be best for you.


Hybrid Eyelash Extensions are a mixture of 70% volume & 30% classic lashes. Choosing hybrid extensions gives you the best of both worlds. This is achieved by mixing classic and volume lashes that are strategically placed to frame the eyes offering a variety of texture and volume. For the clients that want a lash line with a bit more volume but not quite as full as volume extensions, this technique will provide the perfect balance.

Which is better: Classic, Hybrid, or Volume lashes?

The best type of lash for you depends on your lash goals. Your lash artist will help you decide which style is best for you based on your natural lashes, your lifestyle, and your desired look.

Pick classic lashes if:

  • You want a natural everyday look

  • You want light lashes

  • You want longer lashes


Pick hybrid lashes if:

  • You want more texture and volume than classic lashes but less than volume lashes

  • You want a lusher, everyday look

  • You want a fuller look than classic lashes to fill in empty gaps

  • If you want a less uniform, more life-like look than volume lashes


Pick volume lashes if:

  • You want a dramatic look for a special event

  • You want more voluminous lashes

  • You have lashes that are naturally sparse or thin

Do Eyelash Extensions Look Natural?

The final look is meant to enhance your natural lashes with more length, fullness, and lift. Whether that look is more dramatic or more natural is up to you, but generally, the more lashes applied, the more dramatic the effect. A typical application involves anywhere from 80-140 individual extensions per eye, with lashes ranging in length from 8-14mm. It’s not one size fits all. If you have damaged lashes, or naturally weak, short natural lashes, it’s not always possible to get a more dramatic look that someone with stronger, thicker lashes can achieve.

How Long Does the Process Take?

Expect the treatment to take one to two hours, depending on your desired look. You can use it as an excuse to lie down, relax, and take a forced break from your phone. Our lash technicians take their time. Safety is one of our main  concerns. We are all licensed estheticians and cosmetologists and certified to apply extensions.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

Eyelash extensions last about 3 weeks. The actual amount of time depends on each person’s natural growth cycle. Extensions will fall off connected to your natural lashes as they grow out.

Hybrid and volume extensions last the same amount of time as classic extensions, but they are a bit heavier and the extra weight may result in premature shedding.

How can you make extensions last longer?

  • Keep them dry for the first 48 hours

  • Brush your lashes each day

  • Use a lash sealant

  • Keep your eyelash extensions clean by regularly washing them with an extension safe cleanser

  • Schedule maintenance appointments to touch up any loose extensions or sparse areas

Do I have to get a new set every time?

New, full sets of lash extensions are only applied once unless you let them grow out and do not go back for a touch-up. If you enjoy the way that your extensions look, a touch-up every 3 weeks or so will cost less and will keep your eyelash extensions looking nice and full.

Do I need to wear mascara if I have lash extensions?

No! That is one of the best parts of having lash extensions. Classic extensions are the closest thing to natural lashes, and you won’t need mascara with them.  While you can use extension safe mascara on classics, it’s best to skip the mascara altogether. If you have hybrid or volume extensions, definitely avoid mascara. Not only will mascara harden delicate extensions, removing it will break down the adhesive or pull out the lash extensions and your natural lash. Using mascara on your bottom lashes is still ok.

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