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What is Permanent Makeup Removal?


Has your Microblading or permanent makeup (eyebrows/eyeliner) aged to an ashy green, blue, or gray color?

Blink Lash Studio has a gentle, non-invasive,  process to remove it!

How it Works

Similar to  microblading, our removal procedure deposits an all natural solution beneath the skin where unwanted pigment is located. The removal solution lifts the pigment to the surface where it consolidates from the open skin and becomes part of a scab. 

Once the scab falls off and new cells been to grow underneath, the underlying pigment will be much lighter. Complete healing from the removal session is typically eight weeks.


Price $200 per Session


Our process pulls out the pigment layer by layer. 

Other than creating a temporary abrasion, the process has no harmful effects on the body. It affects only the specific area treated. Proper aftercare is essential. 


Follow our guidelines exactly during the recovery process. 

  • Don’t cover the area (unless you work in a place with a higher risk of infection, like a hospital).

  • Leave the area alone while healing/scabbing. Don’t wash or pick at it. Avoid lotions and soaps.

  • Keep the area out of the sun. 

  • Avoid activities that cause sweating, as well as immersing the area in water, until the scab has completely fallen off. 

  • Allow the scab to fall off on its own!

  • Apply vitamin E oil as directed after the scab falls off. 

Healing Timeline

*The day of your treatment: The area feels tender and might feel like a sun burn. It may look very red and swollen.

* The first several days: The area will begin to scab over.

*One week later: The area remains scabbed over. 

*Two weeks later: The scab has probably fallen off. The skin still looks pink or discolored and appears fragile, as it’s still healing.

*One month later: The skin is looking more normal by now.

*Two months later: The area has completely healed and is ready for the next session (a full 8 weeks is required). 


The #1 question we get is, "Does it hurt?" 

It is mildly uncomfortable,We use a topical numbing product to take the edge off. 


What’s the aftercare/healing process like?

We want the area to scab, so you won't use any lotions, ointments, etc. while the area is healing. The treated area will look a bit raw immediately afterward. You will need to keep the area clean and dry. Within a day or so you'll develop a scab. In most cases you'll see pigment in the scab. It's very important that you don't pick or scratch at it. It must fall off on it's own, which typically happens in 5-7 days. 


How often do I need to do the removal sessions?

Even though the skin is very resilient and appears healed within about 10-14 days, we need to wait a full 8 weeks between sessions to allow the underlying layers of the skin to heal. This prevents any possible scarring.   


How many sessions will I need?

This can vary depending on the depth, age, density and type of pigment used. Microblading is generally very easy to remove in 1-2 sessions because the pigment has been implanted shallowly. 


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