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Spa Facials

Jerica Nichols

All of our services are completed only with professional products. Our treatments are customized for you by our highly trained and licensed esthetician to help meet your individual needs.


Classic Facial

As an excellent introduction to skin care,

perfect for all skin types, this facial treatment combines all of the therapeutic benefits of a traditional European facial. Each step, including a concentrated mask, is customized for you to achieve balance within the skin and to produce a dewy, radiant complexion. (90 min)

Deluxe Spa Facial  

This facial includes all the benefits described

in the Classic Facial plus an LED light treatment that stimulates collagen production, reduces inflammation and increases blood circulation helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It also reduces your skin’s oil production minimizing acne-causing bacteria. (90 min)

Acne Bootcamp

This program is designed for clients wanting a skin transformation. It includes a consultation, a specialized facial, and a customized skincare regimen/treatment plan incorporating Face Reality. We will evaluate and discuss all possible acne triggers such as hormones, digestive system, stress levels, diet, medications, cosmetics and lifestyle. (90 min)

*Take home products available at an additional cost.

Express Facial

Our express facial is a quick rejuvenation for anyone on the go who can only spare a few minutes to get that instant glow. It includes a double cleanse, your choice of a Glycolic Acid Peel or Microdermabrasion, and concludes with a moisturizer. 

(30-40 min)


LED Light 
This treatment will stimulate collagen production, reduce inflammation, and increase blood circulation. As it boosts collagen, it reduces acne-causing bacteria, reduces oil production in the skin and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.

Glycolic Acid Peel 
This deep cleansing treatment rapidly exfoliates dry, dead skin cells, reduces fine lines and age spots, and minimizes pores. Ideal for all skin types and those who want to experience rejuvenated, younger-looking skin. This very effective treatment requires no downtime.

facial pic.jpeg

All facials include but not limited to:

*In-depth skin analysis and personal evaluation 

*Double cleansing, exfoliation with steam, massage, mask, specialty serums, moisturizer, sun protection, and eye cream as well as a scalp, arm, and hand massage

(60-90 minutes)

*All products are customized to your skin needs.


This is a highly effective skin exfoliating procedure using a blade to gently remove the top layer of dead skin cells, excess oil build-up, and “peach fuzz." (60 min)

Nano Needling

Nano needling, or collagen induction therapy, utilizes fine needles to create multiple micro-perforations on the skin’s top layer. The procedure triggers the body’s natural repair process by stimulating collagen and elastin production and promotes cell regeneration. This treatment delivers superior skin renewal and rejuvenation results. (90 min)

*Consultation required

Featuring Face Reality Skin Care

All Face Reality products are meticulously formulated without acne-clogging ingredients and contain only the highest quality skin-nourishing ingredients resulting in significant benefits that go beyond just treating acne. All of the peels and target serums focus on healing the skin from hyperpigmentation, breakouts, and fine lines without drying out the skin.

These aren’t one-size-fits-all, as the products line up with every individual’s needs in mind. We offer a large selection and work with you to develop a routine that is tailored to your lifestyle and skin’s complexion for the best results.

Visible results in 90 days

Personalized and adaptive treatment

A holistic approach with lifestyle guidance



Beautiful skin starts with healthy skin

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