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An eyeliner tattoo is a form of cosmetic tattooing, often referred to as permanent makeup, that is done by a trained artist. The pigment used is very different from body tattooing ink and is only deposited into the first two layers of skin. The pigment remains in the skin forever, however the color is designed to fade over time. This allows for face changes, aging and trends. The tattoo is applied to the lash line, and can be applied as a fine, thin, or medium to thick style.

*What are the Benefits of Permanent Eyeliner?

  • It’s smudge-proof and waterproof

  • It accentuates your eye shape and color without the need for traditional makeup.

  • You don’t need to apply eyeliner every day!


*What’s the Difference Between Cosmetic Tattooing and a Traditional Tattoo?

Although the process might seem similar to getting a regular tattoo, there are some key differences:

  • An eyeliner tattoo is only applied to the first  two layers of skin. Traditional skin tattoo ink goes much deeper.

  • It lasts approximately 2-4 years, with ‘color boosts’ usually needed.

  • It is way less painful than a regular skin art tattoo.

  • Permanent cosmetic pigments contain less of a metal base than the traditional version, which is the component that allows ink to permanently adhere.


*The Procedure

  1. The artist will confirm the design and look you have both agreed upon.

  2. The procedure begins with your eyelids being thoroughly cleansed. 

  3. A topical numbing cream is then applied to ensure a comfortable procedure.

  4. Your artist will use gloves for hygiene.

  5. Slowly the artist will inject the pigment into your skin with a tattooing needle. A small motorized “pen” designed specifically for permanent cosmetics using small gauge needles will create the fine lines. Sometimes a manual tool is used.

  6. She will move back and forth over small sections of your lash line in order to saturate the skin with pigment.


*Does Eyeliner Tattoo Hurt?

A topical numbing cream is applied to the area prior to your procedure, which makes the whole process relatively painless. Some people with sensitivities or a lower pain threshold may find the procedure mildly uncomfortable. But, generally most clients experience little or no pain.


*How Long Does the Procedure Take?

The procedure usually takes approximately 2-3 hours, including the numbing process (approximately 30 minutes). 


*How Long Will My Tattoo Last?

Most eyeliner tattoos will last between 2-4 years. However, the pigment will eventually fade, so ‘color boosts’ are recommended. All skin holds pigment differently and many things including medications, skin type and health can determine the rate of fading.


*What is the Healing Process?

Aftercare instructions will be given to you as well as a washing agent and ointment to take home. There is usually no downtime after an eyeliner procedure. Here are a few cautionary things to avoid during the healing process, usually 7 – 10 days.

  • Avoid mascara, which is full of bacteria and can increase your chance of infection before the skin has fully healed.

  • Similarly, avoid rubbing or touching your eyes to minimize the risk of germs and bacteria being spread.

  • Avoid swimming pools and saunas.

  • Avoid heavy exercise.


Permanent Eyeliner

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